Susan Hill: Interesting Facts, Popular Works and Biography

Susan Hill is a renowned British author known for her diverse body of work, which includes novels, short stories, plays, and non-fiction. Here are 7 interesting facts about Susan Hill:

1) Prolific Writer

Susan Hill has written over 60 books throughout her career, showcasing her versatility as a writer in various genres.

2) “The Woman in Black”

Her novella “The Woman in Black,” a ghost story set in a haunted house, became her most famous work and was adapted into a successful stage play and film.

3) Early Success

She published her first novel, “The Enclosure,” at the age of 18 while studying at King’s College, London.

4) Award-Winning Author

She has received numerous awards and honors for her work, including the Somerset Maugham Award and the Whitbread Novel Award.

5) Bookshop Owner

In 1973, Susan Hill purchased a bookshop in the historic town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales, known for its many secondhand and antiquarian bookshops. She ran the bookshop for 15 years.

6) Non-Fiction

Hill has also authored non-fiction books, including works on Shakespeare and literature, showcasing her passion for the written word.

7) Humanitarian Work

In addition to her writing, Hill is involved in humanitarian efforts, particularly related to refugee and asylum issues, showcasing her commitment to social causes.

There you have it – 7 interesting facts about Susan Hill.

Popular works by Susan Hill

Here are some of Susan Hill’s most widely-read works…

“The Woman in Black” (1983)

Perhaps her most famous work, this novella is a classic ghost story set in a haunted house. It has been adapted into a successful stage play and a film.

Get it here: The Woman in Black

“I’m the King of the Castle” (1970)

This novel explores the psychological tension between two boys living in a decaying mansion, dealing with themes of isolation and bullying.

Get it here: I’m the King of the Castle

Simon Serrailler Series

This crime series, starting with “The Various Haunts of Men” (2004), has gained a dedicated following. The books follow Detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler as he investigates complex cases in the fictional town of Lafferton.

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“In the Springtime of the Year” (1974)

This novel, often considered a work of literary fiction, is a haunting exploration of grief and loss as a young woman copes with the sudden death of her husband.

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“A Change for the Better” (1969)

One of her early novels, this book delves into the life of a woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after a failed marriage.

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Susan Hill FAQs

How old is Susan Hill?

She was born 5 February 1942. At the time of writing this in 2023, she’s 81.

First book published

The Enclosure, 1961